I develop Minecraft modpacks and have a bit to do with the modding community, as a result I figured I would point people towards that stuff from here. I will also discuss my thoughts on what his happening in that scene from here.

Join us to chat on discord: https://discord.gg/jxj3drQ

What I do:

I make modpacks. Offically at the time of writing this I make modpacks with TeamAvion, though before that I made a few modpacks I won't admit to making now days out of shame, but the pack that really got some notice was Safety Lost. After that I partnered up with TeamAvion for a yet unreleased modpack, first as a tester, and then as an actual modpack developer and team member.

The Team Avion discord (goes directly to my corner): https://discord.gg/NHFXUd7

TeamAvion Logo

You will find my released Minecraft modpacks here:

What am I working on right now:

Currently I am working on a modpack targetted at programmers called "codeBorn". If you would like to test it contact me over at https://discord.gg/7zp4Wts and I might consider you.

I am also hard at work on a little pack known as ThaumicRotation. This is my latest automation centric pack, with a heavy focus on RotaryCraft and Thaumcraft according to the official design documents.